Nice to meet you.  I like what you have done with your hair.  It really brings out your forehead.  My name is Ryan Andrews.  I am a comedian that lives in Chicago and sleeps most of his life away.  I have Type 1 Diabetes and Crohn’s Disease…and another disease to be named later.  Just waiting for it to manifest.  Give me a sec.  Okay where was I…if you are keeping count at home, that’s 2 Chronic Diseases.  I know what you are thinking, What a downer this guy is. Get over yourself dude!   But let me tell you something else, I also have 3 cats.  Okay, that might be another downer for some of you but let me just say that they are sick too.  Not by my doing, but by more bad luck and feline herpes.  Jeez does this guy know how to enter a room!

This site is place for me to talk openly about my diseases, my cats, and life as seen through my eyes…when they are open.  I hope my writings give you some pleasure or joy that I am incapable of feeling,  Thanks for stopping by!


Cryin Ryan


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